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Tailored to your specific municipal ordinances and department needs.

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Data is secured at rest and in motion by Microsoft Azure - compliant with US government regulations.

Automated Parking Requests

  • Overnight Parking
  • Time Restricted Parking
  • Alternate Side Parking
  • Commuter Parking
  • Citizens generate their own requests via public portal on your department website
  • Automated approvals or denials in real time
  • Allow or deny parking for the entire town, an individual street, or even a single block!
  • Requests are tracked by consecutive days, types, frequency, and more…
  • Personnel can easily search by license plate, with ability to record summonses and warnings
  • Override approvals or denials if needed
  • Advanced reporting of parking activity and personnel activity helping identify problem areas within your municipality

Digital Parking Permits

  • Resident/Visitor/Commuter
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly
  • Permits approved/denied in real time, with payment processing
  • Citizens complete permit application via public portal on your department website
  • Integrated with Parking Request search
  • Officers search PDLINX database for approved permits
  • Printable permits capability
  • Customizable to your needs and ordinances
  • Advanced reporting capabilities

Citizen Camera Registry

  • Capturing everything from crimes in progress to minor motor vehicle crashes
  • Citizens self-register their cameras through PDLINX public portal
  • All registered cameras are searchable on an interactive map
  • Department personnel can quickly locate cameras with contact information
  • Registry viewable in patrol cars. No need for spreadsheets
  • Camera database secured and easily accessible to your department 24/7

FARS Payments

  • Online payment processing
  • Accept credit cards, checks, money orders
  • Collect municipal fees generated from FARS
  • FID
  • Purchase Permits
  • Carry Permits
  • Citizens complete payments via public portal on your department website
  • Easily search payment verification
  • Advanced reporting capabilities

Our Team

Ian Manelis

Police Officer with over 20 years of service. Assigned to both Uniform Patrol and Traffic Divisions, including training in crash reconstruction. Field experience provides real world insight into developing quality automation solutions beneficial to both police administration and the officer on the road.

Mike Liberant

Software Engineer for over 20 years, with experience in development for both Fortune 500s and start ups. Hands-on engineer, innovator, and people leader. Two decades of business relationships provides access to an industry network of engineers, web designers, and subject matter experts.

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